the classroom #6

Linda Fregni Nagler


Photo Courtesy: Triennale Milano



Linda Fregni Nagler (Stockolm, 1976), Italian artist known for her photographic work, creates a new performance for Teatro dell’Arte on the occasion of her project for the classroom.

The work consists in a full day at Teatro dell’Arte – Triennale Milano where the artist is shaping an open classroom and a performance of her series titled Things that Death Cannot Destroy, which began in 2009 and is still ongoing. It’s a double projection of antique glasses for magic lanterns coming from the archive of the artist (composed of about three thousand six hundred specimens, collected from 2005 and divided into categories and genres that elude any method of scientific archiving).





Teatro dell’arte, Triennale Milano


Within the classroom’s sixth project, Linda Fregni Nagler (Stockholm, 1976), an Italian artist was invited to play an open classroom – dedicated to the memory of Massimo Buffetti, collector and friend of the artists – involving a class of students and public interested in the subject.  

The artist transforms the stage of the Theater of the Arts into a classroom and invites all of them to go inside the stage machine to watch the general rehearsals of the performance in which he worked for the project. The open lesson continues with the artist’s sharing of a personal vision of the history of photography, starting from what most influenced her in the construction of the personal artistic path.





Teatro dell’arte, Triennale Milano


Things That Death Cannot Destroy is the overall title of an ongoing research, which began exactly ten years ago, which on this occasion reaches its ninth episode and confirms the appropriateness of the images and their manipulation, the archive, the ambiguity and the mechanisms of vision, editing, the conceptual nature of the photographic medium are the vocabulary of Linda Fregni Nagler’s constantly evolving work.

During the night, the artist actually presents sequences of images from her private archive, conceived as a stream of visual associations. While two performers manually change the slides in the projectors, a voice reads out the original captions, adding to the performative dimension of the process.

The flow of visual pairings suggests different interpretive perspectives: an anthropology lecture, a historical documentary, a surreal fictional story, a reflection on the nature of photography itself. 

The title of the work indicates sequences of images, different each time the performance takes place, conceived as a continuous flow of visual associations. Each image feeds on the previous one and conditions the next one, visually unfolding a sort of cadavre exquis.

Ten years after its debut, thanks to FOG Triennale Milano Performing Arts, for the first time an Italian institution welcomes this new performance, already staged, among other places, at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm and at the Innsbruck Biennale. On stage, the artist and an assistant alternate the images in the chassis of the magic lanterns, while a male voice reads the captions. The photographs have different geographical origins and were designed for different purposes. Some have descriptions, while others do not retain any information, but none have been produced with the intention of creating a work of art. It is in this sense that they take on new life within the project, while remaining what they are: images to look at. The photographic material thus shown raises questions on the laying of the human figure, on social categorizations, censorship and copyright, juxtaposing and combining images to produce new meanings.

Thanks to this archive, what becomes legible is not History, but the look of an artist on the many pieces of a mosaic combined with infinite variations.

The documentary video of performance has been produced thanks to contribution fo ACACIA.


The project has been produced by FOG – Triennale Milano Performing Arts and by Banca Generali with the support of Monica De Cardenas galleria, Vistamare – Vistamare studio, CAP – Contemporary Art projects. The Linda’s classroom has been produced with the collaboration of Buffetti’s family.




Book launch and Artists talk today, 6pm @ICA Milano

(Im-)materiality and identity in contemporary art – a step into the relationship between restoration on display and contemporary art with MASBEDO, Martina Angelotti, Marco Belfiore, Diego Marcon.

100 Piper. Short history of Piper Torino in 100 fragments by Ra di Martino

Film screening and talk with the artist. The event is part of Fo.To. Fotografi a Torino program.

Cinema Massimo, Sala 2 – Torino, H. 18.30


Things that Death Cannot Destroy – A performance and an open classroom with Linda Fregni Nagler

The project is part of FOG – Triennale Performing Arts, Miart, Milano Artweek.

Teatro dell’Arte, Triennale Milano, H- 10.00 – 22.00


What’s next? A Round table about art and education after Manifesta 12 Palermo

In collaboration with Manifesta 12 Collateral Events, the classroom organized a round table about the aftermath of art and education in Palermo with Sara Kamalvand (Hydrocity, Valentina Sansone (Magazzino Brancaccio ), Evelina de Castro (Palazzo Abatellis), Laura Barreca (Museo Civico di Castelbuono, Maria Rosa Sossai (  e Roberto Albergoni (Director Fondazione Manifesta 12 Palermo and Paola Nicolin.

Galleria Regionale della Sicilia Palazzo Abatellis, Palermo, H. 18.30


Materiality versus Image. (Im-)materiality and identity in contemporary art

Book publication curated by the classroom and Paola Nicolin entirely dedicated to the theme of image care and restoration. Authors: Sara Abram, Martina Angelotti, Laura Barreca, Marco Belfiore, Lupo Borgonovo, Giulia Bruno, Laura Cherubini, Barbara Ferriani, Piero Gilardi, Paolo Icaro, Hilario Isola, Diego Marcon, Paola Nicolin, Andrea Pinotti, Laura Papotti, Alessandro Rabotini, Iolanda Ratti, Antonio Rava, Alberto Tadiello, Sergio Toffetti, Stefano Trucco, Italo Zuffi.



Piper. Learning at the discotheque


12.30–2pm Le déjeuner sur l’herbe – Round table with Piper protagonists
 Pietro Derossi, Graziella Gay, Piero Gilardi, Clino Castelli, Tommaso Trini 
with Luca Cerizza, Maria Teresa Roberto and Fulvio Ferrari
2 –2.30pm Film screening: Rä di Martino on Piper
3–4pm Dialogue – Gino Viliani with Francesco Arena and Paolo Icaro
4 –4.30pm Film screening: Mephobia by Mika Gustafson (Sweden, 2017) (winner, section “Irregular Lovers”, Lovers Film Festival)
4.30–5.30pm Dialogue – Philip Corner with Massimo Torrigiani
5.30–8pm Campari | Djset Notte italiana by ZERO


Piper. Learning at the discotheque

You are my own.
Art, dance and identity

Dialogue – Dora García with Jacqueline de Jong ed Esther Ferrer
1.30–2pm Superbudda sound intermission
2– 3pm Interview – Corrado Levi with Dafne Boggeri and Giovanna Silva
3 –3.30pm Superbudda sound intermission
 Dialogue – Maria Grazia Chiuri with Maria Luisa Frisa
5 –6pm Workshop – Michele Rizzo with Simone Frangi
6pm Awarding – Campari Art Prize
pm Dialogue – Roberto D’Agostino with Michela Moro and Emanuele Piccardo


Piper. Learning at the discotheque @Artissima 2017

Space is the place.
Sound, image and architecture

 Meet the artists – Cally Spooner with Eva Fabbris and Charlotte Laubard
1.30–2pm Superbudda sound intermission
2–3pm Dialogue – Mario Garcia Torres with Francesco Manacorda
3 –3.30pm Superbudda sound intermission
 Interview – Tony Oursler with Tom Eccles
5 –6pm Lecture: “Piper and beyond”, Pietro Derossi. Q&A with Catharine Rossi and Maria Cristina Didero
6pm Campari | Superbudda sound intermission
6.30 –7.30p
m Concert – Guido Costa on “Le stelle di Mario Schifano”

Piper. Learning at the discotheque @Artissima 2017


6–7pm Interview – Hans Ulrich Obrist with Kamasi Washington (in collaboration with OGR and Club to Club)
7.30pm Campari | Open classroom with Seb Patane
8.30pm Superbudda sound intermission


The Classroom #5 Seb Patane @Artissima 2017


Piero Golia, Diego Perrone on Chris Burden

Via Cesare Correnti 14

Piero Golia, Diego Perrone on Chris Burden

Classroom, Via Cesare Correnti 14

Masbedo, Handle with care

Guided tour of the exhibition with the artists
H.12, La Venaria Reale and 
Centro Conservazione 

(Im-)materiality and indentity.

Lectures, talks and readings on art and its materials
Classroom with Paolo Icaro, Andrea Pinotti, Giulia Bruno, Sergio Toffetti, Martina Angelotti, Ben Vickers, Laura Barreca, Diego Marcon, Marco Belfiore, Barbara Ferriani, Jolanda Ratti.
H. 11-19, Centro Conservazione e Restauro
La Venaria Reale


(Im-)materiality and indentity.

Lectures, talks and readings on art and its materials
Classroom with Piero Gilardi, Marco Scotini, Italo Zuffi, Hilario Isola, Lupo Borgonovo, Alberto Tadiello, Antonio Rava.
H. 11-19, Centro Conservazione e Restauro
La Venaria Reale


Masbedo, Handle with care

28 October - 15 January 2017
Exhibition, La Venaria Reale and 
Centro Conservazione e Restauro 

Eike Schmidt

H. 18.30, Sala d'Arme Palazzo Vecchio

Luisa Mensi in conversation with Masbedo

H. 16.30, Sala d'Arme Palazzo Vecchio

Masbedo, Handle with care

22-24 October
Exhibition and classroom
H. 14-20 
Sala d'Arme Palazzo Vecchio 

Psychic Diary. Analysis of a Contemporary Art Exhibition

Book publication written by Masbedo and Paola Nicolin. The book is a collection of intimate writings elaborated during a year spent working with th artist preparing the exhibition project the classroom. Masbedo, Handle with care, Reggia di Venaria, Torino.


Adelita Husni-Bey

H. 19, La Triennale di Milano


Adelita Husni-Bey

11-18 April 2016
Exhibition and classroom
H. 14-24, Bocconi University


Adelita Husni-Bey

08-11 April 2016
H. 12-20, the classroom

“Welcome Palermo” by MASBEDO – Italy, 2019, 75′

At the Cinema La Compagnia in Florence, on November 15, the feature film by MASBEDO “Welcome Palermo” was previewed.
The film is the formal and narrative evolution of the Videomobile project, the video-installation conceived for Manifesta 12 in Palermo.
Welcome Palermo

La Metamorfosi, Emanuele Coccia and Luca Trevisani

29 June – 2 July 2020
Emanuele Coccia and Luca Trevisani in Milano on the theme of metamorphosis
Space Caviar garden, via Marco Aurelio 21 + Zoom meetings